Tintoria "Green" Elisa Snc ad Asola (Mantova)

Attention and respect for the environment

Our ecological policies:

Throughout the entire production process, starting from customer contact, we always give the utmost importance to protecting the environment.

⇒  in communications with customers and suppliers, e-mail is always preferred, and the use of paper is reduced to a minimum

⇒ in dyeing, water consumption is kept to a minimum and only products and dyes that meet the Oekotex Standard 100 class 1 certification system are used.

⇒ in the water discharge phase derived from the dyeing process, Tintoria Elisa s.n.c. has a private water purification plant into which it is conveyed to be purified in order to be then introduced into the municipal sewage system, guaranteeing the lowest possible ecological impact. This way, all the water used is first purified by the in-house purification plant and then by the municipal sewage system, thus avoiding any contaminants into the environment.

Industrial textile dyeing for underwear using certified dyes