A family story

Our story began in 1988 with a small family-run workshop for the manufacture and sewing of women’s hosiery. By serving companies in this sector, we began to get toknow our customers’ needs better and in 1991 we decided to expand, moving to via Roma in Asola with the fastening and to via Marino Parenti with the dyeing.

Processing STAGES


We are specialised in fastening sanitary items, with calibrated shapes according to size, to ensure the correct compression of medical stockings.


We have a varied fleet of machines that allows us to offer an efficient and quality service to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Our trained and specialised operators, check and arrange all articles with the utmost care before drying.

We process all types of yarns

We process all types of natural, artificial, and mixed yarns (nylon, acrylic, wool, viscose, cotton, silk)

Industrial dye-house for hosiery, pantyhose, underwear, sportswear